Alan Becker
A recovering ice cream addict, Alan has found solace in the imaginary desserts of the improv world. After being born at a very young age with under-appreciated mime talents, Alan started making stuff up on stage in Chicago to cope with the first Bush term and still works hard to put the imp in improv. When not on stage, he invents laser shooting robotic DJs, helps sustainability start-ups start-up, and espouses his two fundamental secrets to success: 1) Don’t reveal all your secrets.

Scott Dai
After discovering improv with Carnegie Mellon University’s No Parking Players and founding the troupe Irony City in Pittsburgh, Scott took a decade-long break to pursue a life of game development and fatherhood. He is excited to make his triumphant return to improv with Stone Soup. If Scott were a vegetable, he’d be a green onion. If Scott were an animal, he’d be an iguana. If Scott were a Shakespearean hero, his fatal flaw would be his constant need to get a haircut.

Cara Delacroix
Cara has been improvising since she got up this morning and she hasn’t stopped to ask for directions since. She has previously performed with Double Expresso and in Los Angeles in film and television. Cara taught improv classes while living and working at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. When not flying by the seat of her pants, she hangs out on the teeter-totter playing well with others.

Michael Della Penna
A former Boston comic, Mike Della Penna is delighted to be performing with Stone Soup. His improv credits include Wesleyan’s Desperate Measures, ImprovBoston’s TheatreSports, and San Francisco’s Beatnik Syndicate. He has also enjoyed performing locally with the Unscripted Theater Company and BATS. By day, Mike is a second grade teacher and proud father of Leo Phineas, born June 2010.

Riah Gouvea
At the tender age of 7, Riah began her illustrious performance career, gracing the stage as Mother Pig in Three Little Pigs: The Musical. She lead an unforgettable cast, though she unfortunately did, in fact, forget the lyrics to her big song and spent 3 minutes trying to imagine the audience nearly naked in heart-printed boxers to alleviate her debilitating stage fright (a disappointing tactic learned through intense study of Saturday morning cartoons). Riah has been improvising on stage for nearly a decade, and continues to improvise conversations in character as a very awkward human.

Carrie Rudner
Carrie got her start on stage as the Sugar Plum Fairy in her Montessori school’s production of “The Nutcracker.” While at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she focused her studies on defense against the dark arts and was a member of the school’s improvisation troupe under the guidance of Professor Dumbledore. Carrie now spends her days not talking about fight club and traveling whenever possible.

Adriana Russell
Adriana Russell began her improvising journey taking classes and later performing with East Bay Improv before becoming a founding member of Stone Soup six years ago. In addition to living in her imagination, Adriana enjoys road running with humans (especially our Stone Soup die hard fans and volunteers from LMJS), trail running with her dog Pippi, making and sharing food and treats, exploring nature, thrift stores, and the human and animal psyche.

Jonathan Stern
Jonathan stumbled onstage at East Bay Improv while returning from the restroom and never left. His love of improv stems from his deep affinity for the random. When not improvising, Jonathan conducts business meetings in genre and occasionally flies his airplane.

David Norfleet (Musical Improviser)
David Norfleet is an award-winning composer and sound engineer who has done extensive work for theatre, film, and television. An accomplished classical musician, David has worked in many other areas as well, including many popular music styles and musical improvisation.
He is well-known in the improv theatre world for his work with BATS Improv, Un-scripted Theatre, The San Francisco Fringe Festival, and of course, the Sexy Lilliputians. An accomplished teacher, David has trained and accompanied several generations of improvisers in the art of composing and singing songs “on the fly.” You can visit David’s website at